Windows Vista Gets A Second Chance

by Tyler Gibbs | 2009-12-18

I like to think of Windows 7 as Microsoft's second attempt at Windows Vista. With many visual similarities to Mac OS, one would lead to believe that Microsoft's first attempt at Vista was aimed to recapture a slowly diminishing audience.

Younger generations are almost being conditioned to purchase Apple products since the release of iPods and the buying trend continues into the personal computer market. Most consumers who are purchasing Mac's enjoy the easy to use interface, platform stability, and the preinstalled applications.

Microsoft appeared to have been so concerned about the applications/features, and interface that they forgot about the stability element. Although Windows Vista was a visual improvement to XP, it has been notorious for having driver issues, insufficient resources, and application compatibility. Windows 7 tries to address many of the "bugs" that came out with Vista while maintaining some of atheistically pleasing elements.

In my testing, Windows 7 offers compelling advantages to its predecessor and has been remarkably more stable.

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