Defrag Your Registry - Should You?

by Autumn Hockersmith | 2010-03-26

When considering defragging your computer’s registry you need to first understand how defragging your registry will help speed up your computer. Often times our computer takes the data and mixes it up not always keep it grouped together and in order. Think about it as a rubiks cube all jumbled up. There is a way to make it look pretty and put together but it takes knowledge. The knowledge you need when defragging your computer and putting all the pieces and data back in a functional order is often times much simpler then putting a rubiks cube together.

Before I explain how to defrag your registry I would like to explain how your registry becomes fragmented? The registry is affected by music, movies, emails, pictures, games and anything everything else that we use on our computer. The registry uses components of your Windows system because it comprises configuration data of all programs that are installed on your PC. Each time an operation occurs on your computer it adds or removes information from your registry. These entries are supposed to be removed when they are no long needed but often times they are left behind. Allowing the pieces of the registry that are needed to become fragmented and separated much like the rubiks cube becoming jumbled and out of order. It is then easy to see why defragging your computer can increase your computer’s speed dramatically.

Now that we know how the computer’s registry can become fragmented and what we are doing when we choose to defrag our computer let’s talk about how to defrag your computer. You should be aware that there is not a program in your computer that will do this for you. You will need to bring in a third party registry cleaner and defrag I suggest using RegServe, it is easy to use and even has a free trial you can use. Once you purchase the product of your choice use as recommended by manufacturer. You should see noticeable improvement in your computer’s speed after running the program.

Hopefully now you can defrag your computer with the knowledge and understanding of how it is affecting your computer. I suggest running a registry cleaner with defrag at least once a month and more frequently if desired. To read more on registry cleaners and how they can speed your computer you can go here.

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