How to use the RegServe Ignore Feature

by Tyler Gibbs | 2011-09-21

Our engineers have worked hard to develop a registry scanning algorithm that detects registry errors on a variety of operating systems and configurations. To ensure maximum stability across user platforms, RegServe includes a built-in internal ignore list that overlooks certain areas of your computers registry that may be critical to your computers overall performance and stability. The internal ignore list also overlooks critical registry entries used by reputable software publishers such as Adobe, Microsoft, Symantec/Norton, McAffee, etc, to ensure compatibility. Because there are endless configurations, and applications that can be downloaded, RegServe provides users with the tools to add items to the internal ignore list.

Items can be added to the internal ignore list using one of two methods. Following a registry scan, RegServe lists the total number of errors found during the scan by category. Click on the plus sign (+) to expand the category and to review each registry item. Individual items can be added to the ignore list at this time by clicking the corresponding ignore link.

An alternate method of adding items to your ignore list is by using the keyword feature. The keyword feature can be found by clicking on the Registry Scan tab, then clicking Ignore List. Click on the Add button to input an area (keyword) of your registry that you would like overlooked. Although Norton's Security Suite is already built-in to RegServe's ignore list, below are keywords that could be entered to overlook this application:

Norton Security Suite
Security Suite

In the above example, both broad and specific keywords were entered.

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