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Download the Xippit File Compression Utility to see why it is a must-have application for every computer. Xippit can compress, extract, backup, and secure files on your computer. Xippit is now offered 100% Free to Xionix customers !

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xippit xippitEase Of Install
5 of 5 Stars - Review by Gilbert Quick 2017-09-09

Easy fix.first time user.

xippit xippitConvience
5 of 5 Stars - Review by Donald Hunt 2017-09-09

It is simple to use.

xippit xippitEase Of Using
5 of 5 Stars - Review by Charles Korman 2017-09-09

Ease of using. nice. i have already put in my input is there a glitch here?

xippit xippitJust Downloading
4 of 5 Stars - Review by Mitchell Voron 2017-09-09

Have me fill this out after i use it.

xippit xippitFaster Tahan
4 of 5 Stars - Review by Gary Todd 2017-09-09

Fast than how long do you need

xippit xippitDefrag Feature
5 of 5 Stars - Review by Michael Young 2017-09-09

Don't know enough to say - good job though

xippit xippitPa**word Protection
5 of 5 Stars - Review by Frank Sterlina 2017-09-09

Very effective in its ststes

xippit xippitIts Easy To Use
5 of 5 Stars - Review by Peter P Cerda Jr 2017-09-09

Its great,always easy for a 74 year old man to use

xippit xippit Bit Encription
5 of 5 Stars - Review by Joel Kelly 2017-09-09

None at this time. after i have usaed the product i can give better input.

xippit xippitBackup Files
5 of 5 Stars - Review by Haye Ratledge 2017-09-09

Have not been able to download